For the Monday evening group and an invitation to colleagues:

5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 30th October 2006.


Because of the number of doctoral researchers preparing to submit their theses or present at transfer seminars, I'm hoping that we can give priority to listening to their ideas and responding to their writings as they move towards submission and their viva-voce examinations. I'm hoping that you will have time to browse through Eden's and Je Kan's Abstracts and the thoughts from Alon.  Simon - I know you are working on your transfer paper, but your draft writings seem to me to be so far advanced that it would be good to share your Abstract and title a.s.a.p. Jane I know you are working on your Abstract and Title and that as soon as they are ready you will send them in. Alan is working on a presentation for the Unhooked Thinking conference next year and I think we will all benefit from the ideas that emerge from the abstract below.  Eden may also have some writing to share by Sunday evening and I'll circulate this so that some of us will have time to read and respond.


Eden - How have I moved from being a black outsider to a passionate insider/outsider carrying hope for humanity through a personally and socially decolonising practice infused by African Cosmology.


Jekan - How do I evolve, maintain and communicate a receptive, responsive practice as an inclusional educator in an international context?


Simon - 'How do I make things better in education? The story of living myself through others as a practitioner-researcher.'


Jane - An account of educational influences in learning as a creative writer, creative educator and creative manager.


Alon 'How do I lead a more meaningful, ontologically secured, sustainable, productive/constructive, gratifying, dignifying, fulfilling and contributing existence in, with and towards the world for myself?'


As we develop our epistemological understandings of the significance of propositional, dialectical and inclusional logics and values for our contributions to educational knowledge and theory I'm hoping that we can continue to benefit from sharing our understandings with Alan as he continues to explore the implications of his own understandings of inclusionality:


'Barriers to Love: getting hooked on obstruction'. By Alan Rayner and Ray Sheath


"Through trying to fulfil incompatible desires for absolute freedom and absolute security, we can become deeply attached to ideas and objects in a way that excludes us from feeling the influence of loving in our lives. We gain a sense of power and control at the expense of becoming alienated from our natural neighbourhood. The resultant loss of compassionate understanding and complementary relationship amongst ourselves and others gives rise to the distress and conflicts that predispose us to addictions, obsessions and compulsions. Thinking in a more inclusional way can liberate us from objective views of human and non-human nature and open us to the possibility of creative and loving transformation.


Annie - can you bring along a copy of your Abstract and title for your thesis to this Monday evening's session please?


Graham, Keith, Karen, Joan and Ian - when you have writings you'd like to share with the group and invite responses do just send them on - It's always good to catch up with some details of what you are working on so do send this information in when you feel like it.


Madeline and Eleanor - good to see you at Paddington for a couple of hours the other week - do let's work on our postdoctoral enquiries. Maggie and Marian (and Shaun) same applies - Still smiling at the memory of the M.Phil/Ph.D transfer session you shared!


Branko is working on the development of the multi-media Journal of Living Theories and you can access the web-site at:


The BERA Practitioner-Research SIG 2006-7 e-seminar is very lively since Alon, Peter, Yaakub, Je Kan and Susie Goff made their contributions so do see what you can do to move on our understandings of the standards of judgment that are appropriate for judging the quality of practice-based research, bearing in mind the RAE criteria of:


4* Quality that is world-leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour.


3* Quality that is internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance but

which nontheless falls short of the highest standards of excellence.


2* Quality that is recognised internationally in terms of originality, significance and



1*  Quality that is recognised nationally in terms of originality, significance and



The details of the international conference of teacher research in Chicago are being prepared by Sue Hansen Smith and I should have these to share in a couple of weeks. ICTR is held to coincide with AERA week so that participants in AERA can also present at ICTR.


Any more news do send it in. Looking forward to continuing our conversation on Monday evening - Margarida, hoping you can make it. Moira - I know you had a refreshing break in Beijing and I'm looking forward to sharing developments from the VSO office or at Ningxia Teachers University as they come through.


Love Jack.