For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.15-7.15 1WN 3.17  30/4/07


After we've caught up with our news from the week, we can continue our conversation with Barry Hymer on his Doctor of Educational Psychology enquiry into:


How do I understand and communicate my values and beliefs in my work as an educator in the field of giftedness?


If you have time before Monday evening do have a read of Barry's Abstract to his thesis submission to the University of Newcastle at:


and do read his biography at:


Jacqueline Delong has sent a couple of copies of Volume 6 of Passion in Professional Practice from teacher-researchers in the Grand Erie District School Board and I'll circulate these before sending them in to the library.


Jean is on the programme of a Conference to be held at St Angela's College, Lough Gill, Sligo (A College of the National University of Ireland Galway on the 11th and 12 May 2007) The programme reads:


12 May, 9.30 -10.30 Prof. Jean McNiff: Professor of Educational Research at St. Mary's University College Twickenham; Adjunct Professor, University of Limerick; and Visiting Professor at Ningxia Teachers University, China 'Action Research for cultural renewal'.


Je Kan's thesis on My narrative of cross cultural teaching and learning as I pedagogise my curriculum of the reflective healing nurse within a Japanese University:  Developing an inclusional pedagogy of the unique, is with the Internal Reader. I have a second copy if anyone else would like to read and respond.  Readers in the final phase of submission invariably help to strengthen the final submission.


Marie's web-sites are  now operational and we'll have a demonstration of the searchable data base on one of these on Monday evening.


The AERA 07 presentation on 13th April on Creating A World of Educational Quality Through Living Educational Theories has been submitted to Action Research Expeditions for consideration for publication. This multi-media presentation (using video-clips on YouTube) can be accessed at:


Alan has sent in the following invitation: "This is an invitation to attend the second day of the forthcoming 'Unhooked Thinking' conference, at the Guildhall, Bath, on Thursday May 10th, 2007, when I will be in dialogue with Ray Sheath on the subject of 'Barriers to Love' and offering an 'Open Space' conversation about 'Natural Inclusion and the Dislocated Self'. Please find attached a recent essay on these themes. The conference programme can be found at You will see that it is extraordinarily rich and adventurous. I am now in a position to offer any of you who would like to attend the opportunity to register at the bursary rate of 50 (plus VAT) for the day, or 145 if you would like to register for the full 3-day event. Just visit the website and register at this rate. Alternatively, if even that rate is too much, a limited number of you could come to the conference free of charge (but abstaining from lunch and beverages!) as my guests. Please let me know if you would like to do this." Alan's latest writings on inclusionality: 


Inclusional Science - From Artefact to Natural Creativity

can be accessed at

Eden's doctoral submission on:


 Can I communicate meanings of Ubuntu as a living standard of judgement? Going beyond decolonisation through guiltless recognition and societal reidentification.


is now with the examiners. Let's continue to explore from last Monday's conversation the implications of Eden's ideas of bi-cultural competence, guiltless recognition and societal reidentification in the context of his Government and other consultancies on Diversity.


Any more news to share do e-mail it in. Looking forward to Monday evening's conversation.


Love Jack.