For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 27 November 2006.


After we have caught up with our news from the week and brought any new topics into the group here are some unfinished themes from our educational conversations we might like to continue to develop after we've given a priority to Annie's, Eden's and Alon's doctoral research programmes and Alan's Virato interview on inclusionality:


i)                             You can access the November 2006 Archive from the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG 2006-7 e-seminar on the standards of judgement we use to evaluate the quality of the educational knowledge and theories we are generated in our educational practitioner-research from:


Given Alan's expression of inclusionality as a relationally dynamic awareness of space and boundaries that is connective, reflexive and co-creative, Marian's emergent living theory of inclusional and responsive practice, the ideas on flow-form networks in chapter 7 of Karen's thesis at:


and Alon's latest contribution to the e-seminar:


For me, the embodied is the only way to really convince and not to appear a demagogic pedagogue or a pedagogic demagogue.  For me, it is the only way to recapture, convey, engage and interelate with and conceptualise human existence that is essentially embodied, auto-poietic (self-forming), self-conscious, self-enquired and self-enquiring, self-dialectic, self/auto-struggling and unfolding in a/the world.  Alon 


what judgments can we make about the world leading, internationally excellent, internationally recognised and nationally recognised standards of judgment from educational practitioner-research in terms of its originality, significance and rigour?


ii)                         We shall be video-taping our educational conversation with Eden to see if we can get closer to understanding the 'educational influence' of a living expression of ubuntu in our learning.


iii)                      The Institute on Living The Standards at the Ontario College of Teachers on the 20/21 November focused on the ethical standards and standards of practice of educators at:


At the Institute I stressed the need for a supportive relationship between the standards of practice being developed with the educators of Ontario and the standards of judgment being used by the Ontario College of Teachers and Higher Education Institutions to accredit programmes of continuing professional development and life-long learning. Using evidence from the writings of master's and doctoral enquiries from the University of Bath I explained how action research approaches to continuing professional development could connect standards of practice and standards of judgment in the visual narratives of practitioner-researchers. I'm developing these ideas at:


Looking forward to continuing our conversations on Monday evening.


Love Jack.