For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.17 Monday 26 March 2007


After we have caught up with each other's news from the week I'm hoping that we can focus our conversation on the implications of Alan's ideas on natural inclusion for our educational research.


Jean is in Ireland for a workshop with National Centre for Guidance in Education, and then a keynote on Friday to a national biology group. Moira is working through some of the key texts of Erich Fromm while waiting for the damage to her feet to heal. Jane, Joan and Yaakub are in the final phases of their writings for their doctoral submissions with Jane responding to proposals to privatise language provision for international students at Oxford Brookes. Marie's writings on research methods in education and metaphor will be available on her web-site for next Monday – I'll circulate the url. Je Kan intends to have his thesis ready for an internal reader by the end of the month. Alon intends to have a draft of his thesis well underway by the end of April. Eden's consultancies are going well and this includes the one with staff in No. 10 as he explores the implications of his ideas of guiltless recognition and societal re-identification in enhancing racial harmony. Graham is bringing his doctoral writings in this Friday, with their direct connections to economic issues and values of humanity in consultancies with international oil companies. I'm also looking forward to catching up with Joan's (Walton) ideas and writings on Friday and with developments at the Bordsley Institute.


The 10 minute extract from last Monday evening's conversation, in which Alan is explaining how ideas of natural inclusion question the assumptions in the theory of evolution of natural selection, is viewable from your browser via YouTube from:


In particular I'm hoping that we can focus on the possibility that our doctoral and post-doctoral research programmes have created a new epistemology for educational knowledge that is characterised by its living logics, units of appraisal and standards of judgment. What I think emerges from all our presentations below is not only this new epistemology for educational knowledge. With Joan's (Whitehead) presentation we have the connections with national policy issues on standards of practice and teacher education. With Jacqueline's ideas we have an exploration of the implications of living educational theories for issues of leadership in creating cultures of educational inquiry. With Jean's ideas we have an exploration of the implications of a generative and transformational approach to action research and living theories for cultural transformations. With Maggie's and Yvonne's contributions we have an exploration of the implications of ICT for enhancing learning through the development of our pedagogies of the unique in our webs of betweenness.


The week of 8-14th April 2007 at the Invisible College, at AERA and at ICTR in Chicago, should see the most extensive set of presentations we've ever given (The AERA presentations had to be uploaded to the AERA site by the 19th March). I've listed most of these below and I know that Jean, Maggie and Yvonne have several to add to these.


1) Sunday 8th April - Invisible College for Research on Teaching 2007.

Chicago's Hyatt Regency in Grand Ballroom 3.

A New Epistemology For Educational Knowledge. Margaret Farren, Dublin City University; Yvonne Crotty, Dublin City University; Jean McNiff, St Mary's University College; Jack Whitehead, University of Bath

This session focuses on the new epistemology for educational knowledge in the published research of the discussion leaders.   This includes McNiff's 'My Story is my Living Educational Theory, Whitehead's account at and Farren 's and Crotty's work from


2) Tuesday 10th April – AERA.

Can Practitioner-Research Deliver Educational Quality? Opportunities And Dilemmas In Teacher Education From Across the Pond. Joan Whitehead. Retrieved 20 March 2007 from


3) Friday 13th April – AERA

 Researching Contributions to the Creation of a World of Educational Quality

Jack Whitehead and Joan Whitehead, Retrieved 20 March 2007 from


4) Friday 13th April – AERA

Creating a World of Educational Quality through Living Educational Theories.

Jack Whitehead. Retrieved 20 March 2007 from


5) Friday 13 April – International Conference of Teacher Research (ICTR), National-Louis University, Chicago.


A living theory approach to educational policy formation, implementation and evaluation:  forming and sustaining a culture of inquiry for teacher and pupil researchers as leaders of learning in a School Board. Jacqueline Delong and Jack Whitehead. Available on 3 April 2007 from


6) Saturday 14 April. ICTR - Whole conference presentation.


Setting new standards: explaining how we exercise our educational leadership for sustainable social transformation. Jean McNiff, Jacqueline Delong, Margaret Farren and Jack Whitehead. The successful proposal for this session can be viewed at (with Jacqueline replacing Yvonne)


Looking forward very much to continuing our conversations next Monday. Any more news to share do e-mail it in.


Love Jack.