5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 23 October 2006


We are expecting Sigrid Gjotterud of Akershus University College, Norway who will share reflections on recent developments on action research at Akershus.


Eden's doctoral writings will continue to be a priority and Eden will be sharing these whenever he can.


Peter is exploring the implications of Alon's point for the BERA 2006-7 Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar:


"Just produce an account, showing your living standards of judgement and make it public for assessment and re-evaluation:  We'll decide and tell you if it is epistemological, clear and convincing, contributing (ethical) and educational."


Moira is enjoying a well earned four day holiday in Beijing.


Marie's latest writings for the Tuesday evening masters group on:


I claim to have learnt what evidence is there for my claim and what learning theories have influenced me?


are at http://jackwhitehead.com/tuesdayma/mhull151006.htm


Jack video-taped yesterday's workshop on standards of judgement for emotional literacy presented by Christine and Marie and we have a couple of brief video-clips to share to show some meanings of relationally dynamic standards of judgment of emotional literacy and to explore their consistency with Alan's 8th guidelining to inclusional enquiry, below.


Yaakub asks the group to consider the question:


What could Action Researchers Living Theorists suggest as being appropriate ways to influence the social formation of totalising government actions and a social construction of reality in which the Muslim is demonized?


Ken is developing his ideas, for a 'Dance of Peace' involving Palestinians and Islraelis, for possible funding by the British Council.


Margarida hopes to join us around 7.00 after her lecture.


Alan's ten guidelinings to inclusional enquiry are at:


and I'm hoping that we can being to explore the implications of guidelining 8 for our understandings of inclusional standards of judgment.


8. It recognises that all form is a dynamic inclusion of space - not an occupier of space - and so is not definable in absolute (axiomatic) terms.