For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN. 3.8 Monday 22nd January.


When we've caught up with each other's news from the week I'm hoping that we can continue our explorations into the implications of inclusionality for educational research, especially in relation to values and logics.  Today is Moira's last day of five and a half years as a VSO volunteer.  Before moving on to Ningxia Teachers University in March Moira has accepted an invitation to share her reflections on her work in China, on Monday evening, the 26th February, and to share her hopes for the future.  Je Kan is working to an end of February deadline for the submission of a complete draft of his doctoral thesis for an internal reader. Jane is also hoping to submit her thesis for an internal reader in the next six months. Alon is writing up his thesis on a heuristics of a human existence through blogging.


Because of the imminence of Eden's submission of his doctoral thesis our priority is to respond to any writings or ideas Eden wishes to share. In creating a decolonizing living educational theory through enquiries into improving his practice, Eden is suggesting that a concept of societal reidentification, that includes an understanding of an African Cosmology with Ubuntu, might be a more appropriate guide to social transformation than the concept of decolonisation.


Margarida has been invited back to Brazil following her recent lectures and workshops on prioprioception in learning. It would be good to work at ways of showing what Margarida does in communicating her insights on the significance of understanding the movement of bodies in space for learning.


If we have time do let's develop our explorations of the implications of Alan's expression of inclusionality as a relationally dynamic awareness of space and boundaries as connective, reflexive and co-creative and Marian's emerging living theory of inclusional and responsive practice with its living standard of judgment of a passion for compassion.  I often find meeting deadlines for the submission of symposia and paper proposals for BERA, AERA and ICTR helps to develop a clarity about research intentions for the next 12 months.


Marie has met today's deadline for the submission of proposals for the BERA 07 Conference in September with the following symposium proposal involving Nigel, Jack Chris, and Marie:


BERA 07 Symposium Proposal - Researching And Explaining Improvements In Practice With Children's Services From An Educational Perspective on Learning.


You can access the full proposal at:

You can access the individual proposals by clicking on the live url lines below:


Research questions and foci of enquiry

The issues and questions that move the enquiries of the four researchers are:

Integrating Local Authority Children's Services-Living values of judgement as a leader and manager involved in educational inclusion.


How can I improve my practice as an Inclusion Officer responsible for recommending the award of the Inclusion Quality Mark to Schools?


How do I improve my educational practice; supporting educators developing inclusive and inclusional theory and practice of gifts and talents as I respond to national developments?


How do I improve my practice as a University Educational Researcher seeking to contribute to educational knowledge through research into the logics and values of inclusionality?


Over the coming months, whether the proposal is accepted or not, I'm hoping that we can have several conversations on the development of the individual enquiries.


I'm also hoping that we will all participate in the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG 2006-7 e-seminar on standards of judgment for evaluating the quality of the educational knowledge generated by educational practitioner-researchers.  Given the concern about fairness in evaluating practice-based research in the 2008 RAE I'm focusing attention on the standards of originality,  significance and rigour in world leading, internationally excellent, internationally recognized and nationally recognized, practice-based research.


At AERA and ICTR in April in Chicago Jean has convened several presentations and Jackie, Maggie, Jean and Jack have had proposals accepted for either AERA or ICTR or both. Maggie and I will be developing ideas from our 2006 publication:


Farren, M. & Whitehead, J. (2006) Educational Influences in Learning with Visual Narratives, in Childs, M, Cuttle, M, & Riley, K. (2006) Developing Innovative Video Resources For Students Everywhere. DIVERSE Proceedings: 2005 & 2006 5th International DIVERSE Conference 5th to 7th July 2005 Vanderbilt UniversityNashville , USA 6th International DIVERSE Conference 5th to 7th July 2006. Glasgow; Caledonian University Press, pp. 219-234. Retrieved 15 January 2007 from


Jackie will be letting us know when Volume 6 of Passion in Professional Practice is available.


In the BERA Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar, I'm suggesting that new living standards of judgment can evolve from Alan's expression of inclusionality. These standards evolve from the expression of the ontologically embodied values of individuals and emerge from clarifications of the meanings of the values in educational enquiries of the kind, 'How do I improve what I am doing?'. I posted to the e-seminar a collage of streaming video-clips at:  with the question 'Are we creating world leading standards of judgement in our enquiries as educational practitioner-researchers as we work at contributing to the generation of a world of educational quality?'


Bernie Sullivan's response in the BERA Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar  on 17 Jan 2007 gives me some hope that we are on the way to generating new living standards of educational judgment that have the potential to be world leading:


" Belated New Year wishes to all!


During the Christmas break I had time to access the video clips on YouTube. I can now put a face to many of the contributors whose insights and ideas have had an educative influence on me over the past few months. From now on, when I read contributions from Alan, Peter, Moira, Marie and Yaakub (I have already met Jean, Jack, Maggie, JeKan and Sarah)I will be able to visualise them and have an awareness of their values as expressed through the video clips.


I am now convinced of the value of visual forms of representation as a means of conveying values and of articulating standards of judgement. I had been rather sceptical around this, having been conditioned to believe in the superiority of the written word. In a situation somewhat similar to the stories of Alan and Moira, whose schooling appears to have been affected by the dominant ideologies of the time, I was encultured into the belief that the written word was paramount. Intellectual ability and scholarship were defined by expertise in writing. Art was not taught in either primary or secondary school, the whole emphasis being on 'academic' subjects. As a result, all my energy was focused on the written word and I paid scant attention to other, visual forms of representation.


There were so many values evident in the video clips on YouTube that it would take too long to describe them all in detail, but these are the ones that were apparent to me and that were evident in more than one clip:


 Conviviality - in the clips of Jack, Peter and Jean

  Inclusion - in the clips of Alan, Nigel, Marie and JeKan

  Commitment - in the clips of Jack and Maggie

  Life-affirming energy in the clips of Jack, marie and Jean

  Humanness - in the clips of Yaakub and Nigel

  Unity - in the clips of Alan, Marie and Jean.


I was particularly impressed with the video clip of Nigel - about whom I know nothing, not even his surname - but in listening to him speak, I could discern compassion, humanness and love all bound together and embodied in him - an example of what Marian Naidoo (I think!) calls 'a passion for compassion'.


Viewing the video clips was truly a life-enhancing and positive experience for me so thank you, Jack, for posting them on YouTube."


I hope we can find time to discuss Bernie's response in terms of our exploration of the implications of Alan's expression of inclusionality, for educational research.


Any more news do e-mail it in.


Love Jack.