For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues


5.15-7.15 1WN 3.8 20/05/07.


After we've caught up with each other's news of the week, I'm hoping that we can take some time for a strategic review of our research programmes for the next couple of years. What I've got in mind includes proposals for Invisible College, AERA and ICTR in New York for April 2008 and proposals for BERA 2008. The AERA proposals have to be submitted by 2nd August 2007.


If you can't be here next Monday and would like to send in some of your hopes and intentions for your research programme over the next two years do just e-mail your thoughts. For example Je Kan is helping to organise a community health programme from Fukuoka University. Erica is working on the masters programme at Oxford Brookes. Kevin is tutoring practitioner-research for Bath Spa. Marie is researching the enhancement of gifts and talents. Eden is researching the influence of his ideas of bi-cultural competence, guiltless recognition and societal re-identification. Maggie is researching her educational influence with her masters and doctoral students. Alan continues to research the implications of inclusionality. Yaakub is developing his ideas on a cosmopolitan pedagogy. Jacqueline retires from being a Superintendent of Schools in July and is working on the new masters programme at Brock University. Alon is writing up his thesis on a heuristics of a human existence. I'm continuing to focus on the development of an epistemology for educational knowledge. Do share your thoughts on your continuing research programme. (Marian – do let me know if it is OK to put the video of your 10 minute introduction to the open space at the Unhooked Thinking Conference last Thursday on YouTube)


Here are three clips I've just put on YouTube of Alan responding with Ray Sheath at the Unhooked Thinking Conference in the Guildhall, Bath, on the 10th May, to the propositions and question:


1) To try to fulfil incompatible desires for absolute freedom and absolute security we can become deeply attached to ideas and objects in a way that excludes us from the influence of loving in our life.


2) Through this we gain a false sense of power and control at the expense of becoming alienated from our environment. So where does this sense of power and control come from?


3) The resulting costs to compassion in our understanding and complementary relationships amongst ourselves and others give rise to stress and conflicts that predispose us to stress addiction and compulsions. So here is the link to addiction.


This streamed server facility is giving us a great opportunity to develop visual narratives that communicate the meanings of the expression of our life-affirming energy and embodied values in our explanations of our educational influences in learning.


If you have the time I'd appreciate feedback on the draft Chapter I'm preparing for consideration of a book edited by Harry, Jill and Hugh. It is for a section on the person in education and I've called it The Significance Of 'I' In Living Educational Theories.


It's too long and I need to cut it down to 5000 words and submit it by 4th June. I'd be grateful for responses about the quality of the ideas and communication.