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5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 19 June 2006.


News from the week – The inaugural professorial lecture on


How Might We Enhance the Educational Value of our Research-base at the New University in Guyuan? Researching Stories for the Social Good


presented by Moira on Tuesday evening at Ningxia Teachers University can be accessed in htm format at:


and in pdf format at:


I'm hoping that you'll have time to browse through this before Monday and that we'll be able to share responses with Moira after our conversation. For those with direct access to the e-guest Forum of the 7th World Congress of ALARPM we can respond to Moira's latest contribution with the live url to the inaugural at:


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Here's are the AR questions asked by Nigel Harrisson at Wednesday morning's conversation cafe which everyone present identified with and wanted to transform into 'we' questions:


"I acknowledge that attainment is important and that the needs of the other pupils must be considered but we are often left with pupils who we cannot place, whose life chances are diminished and seemingly without the overt backing to force issues. My values also include championing the rights of the 'vulnerable'. In terms of living values, how do I champion the rights of those who have been excluded and are difficult to include. How do I balance that alongside the rights of those already included and who also have a right to have a proper education and within a system where there appears to be a similar clash of values?"  Nigel Harrisson B&NES Conversation Cafe 14 June 2006.


Professor Driekie Hay the Dean of Academic Development at the Central University of Technology, Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, hopes to join in the conversation on Monday evening. Driekie has been working on the implementation of educational programmes concerned with community development in South Africa.


Following Bernie Sullivan's Ph.D. viva at the University of Limerick last Thursday on her thesis on A Living Theory Of A Practice Of Social Justice: Realising The Right Of Traveller Children To Educational Equality, let's look forward to more celebrations after her graduation in September. Bernie was also appointed to a principal's post earlier this week! I'm hoping that we can access Bernie's thesis from Jean's web-space within a couple of weeks. Bernie used insights from Mary Hartog's doctoral thesis on A SELF STUDY OF A HIGHER EDUCATION TUTOR: HOW CAN I IMPROVE MY PRACTICE? (see to explain how she was generating her own living standards of judgement from her embodied values. I can imagine the celebrations with Jean and the group of doctoral researchers meeting this weekend with Bernie at the University of Limerick.



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