For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues;


5.00-7.00, 1WN 3.17,  19 February 2007.


After we have caught up with each others news of the week, we are going to focus our conversation on Margarida's expression of proprioception in a video of her presentation to colleagues from Nelson Mandela University.  The conversation will be video-taped and clips for research will be posted on YouTube with everyone's permission.  This was agreed at last Monday evening's conversation so I will make sure that if you do not want to be in the clip you won't be.


As we explore our understandings of the living logics and ways of being of inclusionality we are focusing on the nature of the boundaries that constitute these ways of being and their epistemological significance for educational knowledge.


Moira hopes to contribute in the Monday evening conversation on the 26th February, following her 5.5 years on VSO in Guyuan Teachers College/Ningxia Teachers University. We've had a chat and if it is OK with everyone we thought that it would be appropriate for part of the session to become a validation group where I submitted for validation an explanation of my educational influence as a supervisor of living theory research programmes, using some of Moira's insights about my educational influence.  What we are hoping is that we will focus on the research issues of finding appropriate forms of representation for the expression of the meanings of ontological values and their inclusion as explanatory principles in living theories of educational influence.


Alan has posted his paintings Holding Openness and the Holeyness of the Wood – West and East at:


If it is OK with Alan we'll video his commentary on the Holeyness of the Wood because these were painted with JeKan and Alan's new grandson in mind. I think one of the paintings is being given to Je Kan for hanging in one of the temples on Je Kan's mountainside.


Marie is continuing to work on her response to government policy on gifted and talented education.  John Wiley have agreed to commission a book on Gifted and Talented Education - A Living Theory Approach with Marie, Barry and Jack as co-authors.


Some of the nine understanding learning and learners MA units from the Tuesday group that passed through the Examination Board on Tuesday, should be flowing through web-space in the next couple of weeks.


Any more news do e-mail it in.


Love Jack.