Monday evening educational conversation 5.15-7.00 in 1WN 3.8, 18th September 2006.


Yoland Wadsworth will summarise her keynote from the 7th World Congress in Groningen on the 22nd August 2006 and reflect on her responses to all seven Congresses.


Je Kan's latest Abstract for his doctoral thesis on 'How do I evolve, maintain and communicate a receptive responsive practice as an inclusional educator in an international context?'


 is at:


Je Kan modified his abstract in relation to our responses last Monday and would like to know if we feel he has communicated clearly, his intentions.


The details of the 2006-07 BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar on standards of judgement are at:


and you can join and participate in the e-seminar from the Join or Leave the 2006-07 Practitioner-Researcher e-seminar from the What's New menu of


Ken's Peace-Dance proposal to the Stop The War Coalition is at:


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