For the Monday Group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.15-7.15 1WN 3.8,  18/06/07.


After we've caught up with each other's news I'd like to take time to celebrate our accomplishments over the 2006-7 academic year, and focus in particular in Jacqueline's contributions to education through her 34 years of professional engagement as her retirement as Superindentent of Schools in the Grand Erie District School Board is marked on the 21 June (heightened celebrations with the Summer Solstice! So, wherever you are do raise a glass to Jacqueline and her accomplishments). You could have a look at the 46 second video clip at from Jacqueline's graduation day with her doctorate on the 18 December 2002 with Pete Mellett leading the celebrations. A comment by Margarida, and Pete's response, evokes our collective joy in the laughter and you can see the expression of pleasure Jacqueline brings to the lives of others. You can read the Abstract from Jacqueline's living theory doctorate at and appreciate her influence by accessing five volumes of Passion in Professional Practice from the frontpage of .


The 2006-7 academic year has seen a significant spread of the influence of Alan's ideas on inclusionality as we increase our understandings of how to integrate living logics and relationally dynamic standards of judgment into our explanations of educational influence. Over the academic year we have seen the legitimation of the living theory doctorates of Bernie Sullivan, Mairin Glenn and Caitriona McDonagh at Limerick University, supervised by Jean. You can access the Abstracts and Contents of these from Jean's website at: . We have seen Barry Hymer's success at Newcastle University for his D.Ed.Psy thesis – Barry graduates on the 13 July in Newcastle and has organised a gathering for Jack to talk about his research. Jack produced his first study on education in 1967 during his Dip.Ed. year in the Department of Education of Newcastle University on, A Way To Professionalism In Education and he will be returning to the theme 40 years later to share some thoughts on his learning about the nature of educational theory. Eden's doctorate on, How Can I Bring Ubuntu As A Living Standard Of Judgment Into The Academy? Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition, is the process of examination and if all goes well Eden could be graduating on the 28th June.  If you have any news to share that will add to the celebrations of our individual and collective accomplishments do send it in for inclusion this coming Monday evening. The 2006-7 BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG e-seminar Jack is convening on the standards of judgment we use to evaluate the quality of the educational knowledge we are producing from our practitioner research, ends on 31 July and there is a lively correspondence in the June archives that you could contribute to. You can join or leave the seminar at


Looking forward to our educational conversations in the 2007-8 Academic Year.   We will be starting in the Symposium at BERA on the 5th September on  Generating Educational Theories That Can Explain Educational Influences In Learning. We will be continuing in the Practitioner-Researcher Day on the 8th September where Je Kan is a discussant for an international panel.


Jean is the discussant for the symposium and our titles are down as:


Alana - How Valid and to Whom? A three year longitudinal study on the efficacy of participatory action research for educational leadership.


Jack - Generating educational theories that can explain educational influences in learning: Living logics, units of appraisal and standards of judgment.


Maggie - How are the ontological values and understandings of practitioner-researchers related to epistemological standards of judgment in digital video representations of the practice of masters degree supervision?


If you haven't already registered for both the main conference and the Practitioner-Researcher Day the details for the main conference are at:


The registration form for the Practitioner-Researcher Day is at:


What I'm hoping to do is to have the papers on the web by the 25 August.


I'm hopeful that as many of us as possible will go to the Practitioner-Researcher Day at the Institute of Education of the University of London on Saturday 8th September. 


Our AERA 2008 Proposals for New York – Monday March 24-Friday March 28, need to be ready and submitted by the 2nd August – you can see what is involved as a member or non-member at . The Theme is, Research on Schools, Neighborhoods, and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility.


During AERA week there are two other conferences that I usually attend and submit proposals for. These are Invisible College and the International Conference of Teacher Research. Invisible College is usually on the Sunday (March23rd) and ICTR on the Friday and Saturday of AERA week (28/29 March). Direct Flights from Bristol to New York are reasonably priced and I remember when 6 of the group went over to AERA in New York and Ben managed to organise free accommodation! We won't have this in 2008. If you fancy submitting a symposium proposal as well as individual papers do let me know. We could also offer a professional development session.


The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children hosts a biennial conference. The 2007 conference is in Coventry. You can access the details at  . The theme is 'From Local Worlds Of Giftedness To Global. Marie has nudged a group of local teacher-researchers from the Tuesday evening masters group to submit proposals and I think 7 of us will be presenting. The conference is between the 5-10 August. Branko, Moira and Jack are working on the first issue of the electronic journal Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLT) and are planning to have the first issue out in September.


Looking forward to the evening's conversation and celebration and I hope that you are feeling the pleasure of knowing that wherever you are in the world we'll be thinking of you in Bath on Monday evening.


Love Jack.