For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues

1WN 3.8, 5.00-7.00,  9/10/06


i)                             We will be continuing our conversation with Eden on his doctoral enquiry on:  How have I moved from being a black outsider to a passionate insider/outsider carrying hope for humanity through a personally and socially decolonising practice infused by African Cosmology?  Eden is working on the creation of a decolonizing living educational theory and hopes to have an outline for us on Monday to show how the different sections relate to the original and highly significant claims in his Abstract at:

ii)                          Branko has started the ball rolling on the creation of a space for an internationally refereed multi-media e-Journal JOLT the Journal of Living Theories see - .  We could share ideas on whether one of the editorial groups should consist of individuals who have already received their doctorates for the quality of their living theories.

iii)                       I've put some notes for my doctoral supervisions at: .These focus on multi-media explanations of educational influences in one's own learning, in the learning of others and in the learning of social formations. They focus on communicating meanings of a flow of life-affirming energy, values of humanity and the logics of inclusionality and experiencing, in explanations of educational influences in learning.