For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues:


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8 Monday 8th January 2007-01-08


At our first gathering of the New Year we are pleased to welcome Professor Kei Sawamoto from Japan's Women's University and Miwa Takeuchi who is finishing her masters degree at OISE.  Kei and Miwa will be sharing ideas from their research into teachers' professional learning. 


Moira's visa has come through so it is looking increasingly likely that Moira will be starting her work at Ningxia Teachers University in March 2007 supporting the development of a taught masters programme and doctoral research programmes.  Moira hopes to contribute to the Monday evening conversation of the 26th February. I'm hoping that ideas from Annie's doctoral submission will be helpful in establishing these programmes.


Jean is off to South Africa to support the masters group in Khayelitsha having heard the good news that St. Mary's College has been renamed St. Mary's University College with the power to award degrees. Other good news is that the Symposium proposal that Jean submitted for the International Conference of Teacher Research (ICTR) with Maggie, Yvonne and me has been accepted and will be held on the 14th April 2007 in Chicago, just after the presentations at AERA. It has direct relevance to the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG 2006-7  e-seminar  on standards of judgment as it is on:


Setting new standards: explaining how we exercise our educational leadership for sustainable social transformation.  You can access the successful proposal at:


Marie is working on her responses to Government Policy on Gifted and Talented Education from the perspective that all individuals have gifts and talents, including educators. Marie has a draft paper on her responses to share, including .  Alan has written a story "My Achilles Heel: Testimony of a 'Gifted Child'" to share and you can access this at: achillesheel.htm . Moira has also written a story about her responses to the gifts and talents of her brother, Alastair at:



Eden is writing at home this week and will let us know when he has writing to share.


Looking forward to our conversation.


Love Jack.