For the Monday evening group and an invitation to colleagues,


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8. on 5 June 2006.


Following last Monday evening's showing of the video-clips of the details of Alan's Life, Environment and People Course and the students' work from the 2005-6 group I'm hoping that those of you who are local will browse through the exhibition in the right hand corner of the first floor landing of the 3 South Building. It's inspiring for me to see how Alan has sustained such a creative and energising space for the education of his students.


After we've caught up with each others' news from the week and any issues you bring I'm hoping we can find time to discuss our contributions to the 7th World Congress on Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management. Apart from the actual conference presentations by Paul, Alon, Marie, Maggie, Yaqub, Jean and Jack I'm hoping that everyone will make contributions in the guest e-forum at:


by responding to the section I've opened on Evidence Of Our Standards In Accounting For Ourselves and to the section William has opened on Unhooked Well-being. Paul, if you decide you can't come over from Mexico, do make a contribution in the e-forum. What I'm hoping is that by the time of the Congress from 21-24 August we will have built up an archive of our living theories with our living standards of judgement as an outstanding contribution to forms of knowledge that can influence cultures of enquiry. So, do please just register for the guest e-forum so that you can make contributions. Any problems registering please let me know.


All staff and students of the University can access a wonderfully diverse set of on-line journals and I'll give a demonstration on Monday of how to access the JSTOR archive by connecting to the article from last night's Reading Group meeting of the Centre for Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research:


Wertsch, J. (2000) Narratives as cultural tools in sociocultural analysis: official history in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. Ethos 28(4) pp. 511-33.


Here's an idea from Wertsch's paper I found most persuasive:


"The defining property of mediated action is that it involves an irreducible tension between active agents (individuals or groups) and the 'mediational means." or "cultural tools" (terms I shall use interchangeably) they employ to carry out action. By keeping the irreducible tension between these two elements at the center of analysis it is possible to avoid various forms of reductionism."


As well as a 5000 word paper for the World Congress, participants have to produce a two page summary of their presentations. You can access these for Yaqub, Marie, Alon and Jack at:


Yaqub and Jack on Living 'mixed-race' and white in the co-creation of postcolonial standards of judgement.


Alon on How do I lead a more meaningful, ontologically secured, sustainable, productive, gratifying, dignifying, fulfilling and contributing existence in, with and towards the world for myself? An Ethically-Laden Heuristic Approach to the Construction of an Ontological Living Theory of An Individual's Being/Becoming-In-The-World


Marie and Jack on How are we co-creating living standards of judgement in action-researching our professional practice?


Full paper at:

 For the full multi-media account unrestricted by the 8 page restrictions see

Any more news do e-mail it in. Je Kan is sending round drafts of his doctoral writings for comments and these are accessible on his living action research site. Moira's draft inaugural should be ready for circulation for our meeting on the 12th June. Jean is back from South Africa next week and visits to Khayelitsha, Nelson Mandela and Durban Universities. Margarida – any more news from last Monday's session do bring it along. Eden – hoping that your writing is going well.


Love Jack.