For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues.


5.00-7.00 1WN 3.8, 4/12/06


After we've caught up with our news from the week do let's continue the conversations with Annie, Eden and Alon about their doctoral research programmes, with Alan about the upcoming radio interview on inclusionality and with the participants in the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG 2006-7 e-seminar on world leading practitioner-research.


In preparation for Annie's viva we focused our questions on originality of mind. What I suggest we do this Monday is focus on critical judgment and the extent and merit of Annie's thesis. Last night we shared Annie's narrative of teachers' knowledge with the Tuesday evening masters group and experienced the communication of shared values between teachers from different cultures.


The video-tape of Eden in conversation with Alan has come out particularly well and we could look at a clip to see if we can share our understandings of Eden's living presence and relationships in terms of Ubuntu and Alan's expresssion of inclusionality. Eden's deadline for submission is the end of January 2007 and this coming Monday it might be possible for us to focus on the section of the thesis that is on Eden as a Father as well as the thesis as a whole. I have produced a visual narrative with a 6 minute video-clip from last Monday's conversation between Alan and Eden to see if I can distinguish world leading stnadards of judgment through living inclusionality and ubuntu. You can access the narrative at

and the video clip at


I'm hoping to respond to Alon's latest writings on the use of Blogs in the writing of his thesis on a heuristics of a human existence and should have an update on Monday. I have asked Alon if he would like to be a discussant on Monday evening in responding to the visual narrative on distingishing world leading standards of judgment through living inclusionality and ubuntu from a perspective of his latest understandings of blogs and blogging in generating a heuristics of human existence.


Alan's radio interview on inclusionality will be listened to by many thousands in the States and we could listen to the questions and answers that Alan thinks will help him to express most clearly his understandings of inclusionality.


In the BERA Practitioner-Researcher SIG 2006-7 e-seminar there is a focus on the standards of judgement that distinguish world leading practitioner-researcher in terms of the generation of educational knowledge. In last week's Institute on Living The Standards at the Ontario College of Teachers, I put forward a case for synthesizing the ethical standards and standards of practice of the OCT, with the visual narratives produced by masters and doctoral practitioner-researchers in the University of Bath, Dublin City University and Limerick University and with the partnership between Brock University and the Grand Erie District School Board in Canada, as an approach to contributing to world leading practitioner-research. I'm hoping that you will browse though the case I'm making at and let me know what you think.


Je Kan is working on the epistemology chapter for his thesis. Margarida is preparing for her presentation on Proprioception in Brazil. Moira is coming to the end of her work at the Beijing Office of VSO and we may be fortunate that she is able to visit in February. Professor Kei Sawamoto from Japan's Women's University and Miwa Takeuchi who is just finishing her masters degree at OISE are hoping to contribute to the conversation on Monday,  8 January 2007.  Maggie has e-mailed to say that the presentation to the Diverse conference has been accepted for publication.


Any other news do e-mail it in.


Love Jack.