For the Monday group and an invitation to colleagues,


5..00-7.00 1WN 3.8, Monday 2nd October.


As researchers are producing the first complete drafts and getting close to the submission of their doctoral theses we have tended to focus our conversations on their ideas and writings. Eden is now close to submission and I'm hoping to continue our conversation from last week when we focused on the Abstract for his thesis and the communication of his meanings of an African Cosmology with Ubuntu.  At the Labour Party Conference last Thursday Bill Clinton explained his commitment to Ubuntu and I'm hoping you will access the ideas on Ubuntu from his speech at:


Moira has sent in her draft action plan for her work in China for 2006-7 and you can access this at: .


Mark Potts has formed a partnership between Salisbury High School and Nqabakazulu School and writes:



I read your Draft paper of September 2004 on your educational 

relationships and Ubuntu with interest. I am pursuing the leads that 

you give on Ubuntu to give myself a better understanding of the idea 

and to see how I can use it as I develop the partnership between 

Salisbury High School and Nqabakazulu School. I have had a response 

from the Headteacher at Nqabakazulu School on his understanding of it 

as it relates to our work together, which is interesting. I am 

intending to use it as a guiding principle for the professional 

development work that I do with my colleagues at Salisbury High School. 

I am starting that this Wednesday and I attach a copy of the Powerpoint 

presentation that I intend to use. Unfortunately, my technological 

prowess does not extend to including the Dvd footage of the wonderful 

singing by the South African girl at the start.


(The paper on Ubuntu Mark refers to is at )

Mark has sent on the powerpoint presentation and I'll check it is OK with him to share this on Monday)


I've asked Marie to share some thoughts on her action plan for 2006-7. I'm hoping to have something ready to show on researching educational practices in inclusionality for the conversation of the 9th October that includes Vasilyuk's ideas on value experiencing and creative experiencing. Vasilyuk writes:


The third sub-type of creative experiencing is connected with the highest stages of personality development in terms of value. A life crisis is precipitated by the destruction, or threatened destruction, of the value entity to which the individual seems himself as belonging. The person sees this whole under attack and being destroyed by the forces of a hostile reality. Since we are here speaking of a person who is a fully competent inhabitant of the complex-and-difficult lived world, it is clear that he does not simply see this destruction but cannot fail to see it, being incapable of hedonistically ignoring reality. But on the other hand, it is equally impossible for such a person to relinquish the value entity in question, to betray it, to abandon one's convictions. A rational assessment of the situation would admit it to be fundamentally insoluble.


Vasilyuk, F. (1991) The Psychology of Experiencing: the Resolution of Life's Critical Situations.  Hemel Hempstead; Harvester Wheatsheaf.


Any more news do please e-mail it in to share on Monday evening.


Love Jack.